Snow flukes (a.k.a deadmen) have been around for ages…and off the racks of most climbers for about as long.  The new Brooks Range Snow Flukes (available in 3 sizes) should challenge alpinists to reconsider their snow protection and add flukes back into the mix.  The Brooks Range flukes feature a single cable design, unique in the fluke market, which makes placement faster and stronger in firm snow, especially in the smallest size since the cable slices into the snow more readily than other configurations.  The medium and large sizes are great year-round due to their large surface area, while the smallest size is ideal for late-season neve.  The cable is easily wrapped around the fluke into small notches for storage, turning the fluke into a compact package that can be cleaned and stowed on the harness on the move unlike ungainly pickets.  The added striking surface atop the fluke reduces mushrooming and burrs from bashing them into firm snow and eliminates shredded gloves.

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Note: This review first appeared in a 2012 issue of Climbing Magazine